Monday, December 15, 2008

Introducing North Reformed Church

North Reformed Church is located in the heart of Newark, New Jersey, at the North end of downtown. Organized in 1856, North has served her community for over 150 years. Our people have witnessed many changes in Newark through the years and is currently undergoing a rebirth of purpose and mission in the city. The faith community here is growing in strength and number by God's grace and looking forward to serving God by serving people for years to come.

The congregation at North is eclectic and diverse, hailing from various ethnic, economic and faith backgrounds. The faith community is learning what it takes to accept and love people no matter the circumstances of their birth or patterns of life. We are attempting to love as Jesus loves - without boundaries or preconditions. In fact, we are learning that Jesus intentionally crossed all sorts of social and religious boundaries in his life and ministry and we are seeing what it's like to imitate that risky sort of love.

Of course, this learning is difficult at times as it violates many deeply rooted habits and patterns. We are finding, however, that the struggle is worth the effort as we have experienced more of God's grace along the way. We have also seen some wonderful, unexpected examples of God's life-changing power as many of our friends have been and are being transformed in all aspects of life. God is good ... all the time.

Our hope for this blog is to build enthusiasm for the work of God in Newark and beyond by sharing glimpses of God's reign in evidence on earth. We want to glorify God by sharing the ministry of reconciliation and redemption underway in our neighborhood in the hope that all who read this will identify evidence of God's reign in their own neighborhood and desire to participate more fully in that reign by following Jesus more deeply.

We also hope to build partner relationships with all who wish to participate in God's work in Newark. Partnership takes on various forms - awareness, prayer support, on-site participation, financial support, etc. Whatever the relationship, we know that we are better together.

Feel free to post questions and comments.